Birthday Cake For My Mom ♥ With a Surprise Inside!

I love my mom. We have a great relationship.

I remember the first time I considered her a friend, and it was when I was 13.
We were driving back home from a shopping trip, and we were talking..about everything.
I could trust her with my heart ♥ There aren't very many people that you can trust with such a priceless commodity!

My mom loves the classic white cake.
So I made her a white cake from scratch.
And her favorite buttercream flavored with orange extract.

I made the cake extra tall. (4 tiers to be exact).
And added rosettes, swirls, twirls, and frosting shells.
Sparkler candles.
The surprise waiting for her .... was the red velvet heart in the middle.

The red heart was inspired by this very talented lady:  i am baker
I love surprises inside of cupcakes. I do it all the time.
Why not add a surprise inside of a cake?
I wasn't even really sure the heart shape would work..
but I knew after seeing it already done, I had to try!

When we sliced open the cake, success!
It was a hit at Red Lobster, and made people smile from tables near and far.
We even gave the extra pieces of cake to the kitchen crew.
Our wonderful waiter told me that they were waiting to devour the cake with spoons!
(I hope our waiter got a chance to enjoy a piece himself).

I do believe in my own little way I am helping to change the world one lunch hour at a time!! Yay.

Title: Birthday Cake For My Mom ♥ With a Surprise Inside!
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