A Love Affair with Cake Pops

I adore cake pops.
If you haven't heard of them, you mix your favorite cake crumbs in with your favorite frosting and make balls out of them.  You let them freeze overnight on parchment paper.  In the morning, you dip the cake pops on lollypop sticks into melted chocolate or melted candy wafers.. and decorate them to your heart's content.
They even look pretty when they are bitten into. ♥

I created some for Cronie's Cafe in Waupaca, Wisconsin the other day.
They are renting me their kitchen for commercial use.  I might just be selling an array of cupcake pops there in May! Hooray, one step forward for Amanda Cupcake..and mankind!!

Edible Glittery Heart Shaped Cake Pops that resemble balloons!

Pretty when eaten.

Cake Pops disguised as Ice Cream Cones! They taste like red velvet/cherry♥

I call these the "Tainted Luv" Cake Pops.
Named after a boutique I stumbled upon in Whitewater, WI.
I told the owner Barbara that I would make her Tainted Luv themed cupcakes.
She requested purple.  This is what I came up with!
Oh, Tainted Luv.

Title: A Love Affair with Cake Pops
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